Some may view humility as a weakness, it is anything but. It takes more strength to render oneself humble in the face of what’s at hand.
It takes strength to remain humble in situations rather than trying to save face and impress onlookers, or those within earshot of what takes place in the natural.
It takes strength to not only know who YOU are but WHO’s you are as things unravel to the natural eye and ear; all while our human emotions may be coming unglued inwardly.

It takes strength to focus on the big picture, the Unseen, eternity, vs a moment in time.
It takes strength to remain poised AND KNOW that which may feel hurtful, embarrassing, or APPEARS to be weak is working something bigger, far more greater on the inside; vs a moment in time as upheaval occurs outside as well as inside of us (II Corinthians 4:17-18, paraphrased).

     It takes strength to pay attention to Who speaks to us on the inside as the voice or actions of others outside of us compete to dictate our behavior.
It takes strength to remain under the hand of God (I Peter 5:6, portion of) through obedience when you KNOW you’re above and not beneath (Deuteronomy 28:13, paraphrased).

     It takes strength to back off when you KNOW you could push forward, just anyway, AND WIN, but you don’t.
It takes strength to KNOW you don’t have to prove a point when there’s a point to be made.


     In closing, humility is knowing who you are as well as Who’s you are.
Therefore, it can enable us to live from the inside out rather than the outside In; having a resolve to not allow people and circumstances to alter ones identity.

Humility also thinks from an eternal perspective, views the big picture as a whole and does not allow an increment of time to frame ones destiny. That said, humility peers through a spiritual lens vs the natural eye.
Lastly, humility is encouraged by the future while existing in the present, planted on hope as well as faith.
Yes, humility is anything but weakness.
Humility is not only strength, it’s power.
Inward power! Real power!


Beatrice Tate Jackson

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