Just What I Needed

When one is SINCERELY ready for change, God has a way of putting what’s needed in our path. There have been countless times I made the decision to either change something about myself or an area of my life, and He made it happen. I love it, because during those times, I’d have no idea where to look, who to talk to, nor what questions to ask. Not long after something is at my disposal; a video with someone who I never heard of pops up with the exact subject my soul longs for; with content that not only speaks to who I am, it confirms where I’m going. That’s just one example.

There many instances over the years, but I just want to share a couple. As I’m driving along in the car, I tune into the radio at the exact time to hear what I need; a reminder, information or instruction on the next step to take in my process. I remember when taking the bus, while waiting at the stop strangers would strike up a conversation that I needed to give ear to; dialogue pivotal for change; and just enough to move forward a few more steps.

Another example I’ll never forget happened over 25 years ago. I read the daily devotion for June 21st (so I thought). It was so on target for me; it spoke to the fears as well as the pain in my life at that moment. This was so good I wanted to share it with a friend in a similar situation. When I turned to the page to show her, I couldn’t find it. In my confusion and frustration, my eyes happened to fall on April 21st; I kid you not. I thought I read the devotion for June when in actuality it was the one for April. The thought for June was unrelated to anything I was going through. Though it was the wrong date, April’s reading put me on track when I was at a loss; offered awareness and insight. That was so GOD! Awesome! Truth is, He states in His word that He will give us the help we need.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye” (Psalm 32:8, New King James Version).

Now some people may think nothing of these examples of how God is right there, waiting in the wings for us to invite Him on stage, but this is no small thing. Let me ask, have you ever needed direction / instruction and it never comes? Have you turn to this individual or the next, yet nobody understands what you’re looking for? In our desperation what may “seem” insignificant becomes BIG.

This began to teach me something about God; that if change is sought, God will not only enable us, He will orchestrate it in a way that’s understood for where we are at that point in life. I’ve found that He loves being involved in every aspect of our lives. And yes, we need to do our part too, which is be willing and honest with Him. Part of that willingness is put into practice as we learn to ask for His view regarding our circumstances. It’s a learning process, especially since we’ve been in charge for so long. And for some of us, look where it got us. That said, His word tells us:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6, NKJV).

Now this is not saying we’re dumb, nor be ignorant; folks reading this can think for themselves. What it is saying is we come to places in life where we need assistance, we don’t know everything; BUT God does. After all, if we knew what to do, why didn’t we do it? Father also knows that for some individuals, trusting someone aside from themselves is an issue. Well, that’s why it says with all your heart. Meaning, trust God as much as you can and tell Him about the part of your heart that can’t. Talk to Him, tell Him the reasons you can’t. He knows anyway, all He wants is a Fatherly relationship. I know when I’d read Proverbs 3:5-6, I thought I had to have total and complete faith or trust in Him before He would move on my behalf. It sent me into a tizzy and I felt defeated before I even started, because I couldn’t live up to the scripture at that time. I came to understand better what He meant, not what I thought, or even heard. Do our best, talk to Him along the way and He will increase our trust little by little. We, as well as other people are much harder on ourselves than God. Remember, He knows how to meet us where we’re at based on our understanding.

Again, God will give us just what we need in times of sincere change. He knows how to go about it, He’s the Master Weaver. All He wants is a sincere desire, an open mind and ready heart, He will do the rest.

Beatrice Tate Jackson

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