Eat What’s on Your Plate First

Do what we know to do first before we ask for more. Oftentimes we keep asking God for more; more direction, more knowledge, more money, more understanding, more time, more, more, more of whatever it is we are asking. Yet we haven’t eaten what’s already on our plate, as we ask for more of the same to be heaped upon our dish. What have we done with the instruction the Lord has given? What have we done with the time He has given us? Are we wasting it, spending it by allowing meaningless activities to fill our time? Are we allowing people to eat up our time in the place of God and His directive? What about the knowledge He has graced our minds with? Are we walking in the light He has shed? Let look at the money that we “do” have. Have we been good stewards of what the Lord has blessed us with, or are we wasteful; can we do better? These are just a few examples of following the Lord’s lead before we ask for more; the list can go on and on. I believe you get the point.

How about we do what we know to do in the interim of waiting for more rather than always asking? How about we make application of what is in our hand and be a doer of God’s Word, follow His lead and carry out His instruction. Engage in what the Lord has already shed light on makes us solid, sure and increases our faith. Too, it strengthens our patience and trust as we continue in what God has already given; until He sees the clean plate of commitment whereas He is ready to add more. While in a state of asking and waiting, do what we know to do.

That said, just do what we know to do while we wait.

God bless you, Sis Bea

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