Stop Enabling!

Our Heavenly Father in all his wisdom, will allow us to experience the result of our choices. If we pay attention, consequences will instruct us.

That said, stop paying for other people’s habits, bills and self-defeating way of living; allow them to deal with the outcome of their choices. Some individuals need the lessons of life as an opportunity for growth and change.

There’s no sense in everybody suffering the negative domino effect due to people who aren’t ready. It is disheartening for those that are doing the right thing to experience the financial, emotional, and mental strain of trying to stay above water; only to end up stuck in “the poverty pit” with those who are not going about life correctly. That is not the will of “the Father” for His children. Jesus came that we might have life and that more abundantly (John 10:10).

If “you” take care of your responsibilities, pay your bills, make sober choices, and so on; you deserve to experience peace, a “sense of accomplishment” as well as “the blessed life” worry-free.

“Break the Cycle”

Again, why should everyone be stuck in “the poverty pit?”

Stop enabling, live “your” life, enjoy the freedom of “your” decisions as you continue to move forward. We are not intended to live other people’s lives for them, they need to walk it out for themselves. That’s love, to allow them to do so. The opposite holds true when we attempt to rescue people, we play a part in stunting their growth and crippling them. Moreover, we hurt ourselves. See how that works?

God loves us and even He will allow some situations to unfold and run their course; why can’t we? God’s love does what’s best for our “well-being” and our “greater good.” Therefore, why can’t we follow His pattern? Aren’t those of us who are God’s dear children supposed to imitate Him (Ephesians 5:1) anyway?

Keep in mind we’re not doing them a favor, in the long run we’re doing them a disservice.

“Know the difference”

There is a difference in working together as a unit, having the same mind-set as everybody contributes; compared to one link in the chain having a different mindset. There’s a difference in banding together so everybody prospers vs enabling by paying for someone else’s habits, lifestyle or decisions. If we pay attention, consequences will instruct us.

Now whether you are the enabler; or that person who continues to engage in self-defeating behavior, there is hope and help for both. The Lord is always available to give us the power and wisdom to change direction. Philippians 2:13 reads; “For it is God that works in us both to will and do of His good pleasure.” Whatever the change needed, He can bring it about for the asking and willingness to do something different. Too, His strength is made perfect in our weakness. In other words, Jesus’ power increases for us and in us where we’re weak or fall short.

Either way, the choice is always ours.

Remember, even our Heavenly Father in all his wisdom will allow us to choose, He will attempt to direct us, yet He won’t force or stop us. In so doing, it’s His way to allow for growth and change.

Wisdom begets wisdom!

Until next time God bless you,

Sister Bea